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‘.. some relationships between music and architecture are very easy to intuit in a confused way, delicate to specify and to define, and it is not impossible to have doubts about them, because what is aesthetic is uncertain. But they seemed to me resounding. It is clear that music and architecture are both arts that don’t need to imitate things; they are arts in which matter and form have related more intimately than anywhere else;’
Paul Valéry, “Storia di Anfione”, Scritti sull’arte, Milano 1984.

The Call is open to projects deriving from the fields of Music, Sound Art, Architecture, Science and Technology. We welcome individual or team projects from all around the globe. The open call invites projects that examine the relationship between sound and space. Projects should highlight emerging connections between sound art and architecture in a dynamic way th​rough a variety of media. The call is not drawing limits to the conceptual direction of the projects to be submitted, but rather encourages the artists/architects/scientists etc​ to submit work that is derived from a variety of concepts as long as the relationship between architecture and sound art is clearly addressed. Architecture, in this open call, is not linked merely to built space but it is rather understood in the greater expansion of its practice.

​The projects should have a strong conceptual basis and an artistic ​​excellence in their execution.
With this call, we intend to gather projects that through sound, question our perception of space, materiality and body location.


Audio (digital format)
Video (digital format)
Images (digital format)

​Participants submitting physical projects (ex. Installations, scaled models, interactive devices etc) should note that all travel expenses should be covered by the participant.


Submissions will be accepted no later than 8th February 2015 [24:00h,GTM +2]

Please follow the guidelines below for a successful submission.

We accept only web links where the submitted projects are uploaded (vimeo, youtube, links to personal websites etc.) and not digital files ​​sen​t by email. In case the link is password protected for private viewing please send us the password so as to view/listen your work. Please note that the acceptable duration of a video or audio track is 1 minute, so please select to upload a teaser and not the entire project.

Documents to be send by email at both email accounts
(1) and (2)

1.Completed submission form (please download the pdf form from here)

2.Descriptive document of the project (should not exceed the 400words), list of the web links where the projects are uploaded, plus the technical description of the project, indicating the requirements for it’s presentation – document in pdf format
3.Bio (short cv of the artist / s – all cv’s should have a paragraph format not exceeding 150words with links to previous works. (pdf or online link))​

Important notes:

Travel and accommodation costs are covered by participants themselves (​in case they desire to attend the festival​)
Daily pass for all events will be provided to the selected exhibition participants



-Marcos Novak is an architect, artist, composer, and theorist who employs algorithmic techniques to design actual, virtual and hybrid intelligent environments. The self-described transarchitect is seeking to expand the definition of architecture by including electronic space, and originated the concept of liquid architectures in cyberspace and the study of a dematerialized architecture for the new, virtual public domain, the immersive virtual worlds.

Novak is professor at the Department of Architecture and Urban Design at UCLA, he is the founding director of the Laboratory for Immersive Virtual Environments and the Advanced Design Research Program at the School of Architecture at the University of Texas at Austin, and a Fellow of the World Technology Network; and his (many) writings which combine architecture, music, art, computation, science, and/or technology include the seminal paper Liquid Architectures in Cyberspace (1991), transArchitecture: Against the Collapsing Radius of Fiction, and Transmitting Architecture: The transPhysical City (1996) – which became the theme of the XXIII World Congress of the UIA ((Union Internationale Des Architectes, 2008).

In 1998, Novak published Next Babylon: Accidents to Play In in V2_’s The Art of the Accident.

JURY members:

-C o s t i s (Athens, 1950)
Visual artist and poet. Costis studied in Athens and Paris. He stopped his studies at the level of Doctorat d’ Etat, under J.F. Lyotard.In 1969 his first collage is published and he has his first solo exhibition, showcasing lead sculptures He is the editor of two literary and art magazines published in Athens, Lotus (Λωτός, 1968-1972) and Praxis (Πράξη 1972). His first book of poetry is published in Athens in February 1974.Since 1970, he has been a regular contributor of essays, articles, poems, and drawings to many magazines .In 1975 his first Performance takes place at an art gallery in Athens. In 1976, using synthi100, he creates the music score of his film Saga of a city. The same year he starts creating mixed works of visual poetry.From 1986 onward, the lightning phenomenon is at the core of his research. A prolific artist, Costis has had 24 solo shows in galleries and museums in Europe and has participated in more than 100 international group shows. He has also engaged in a variety of projects and conferences / symposia on art, New Technologies, and poetry. Work by the artist is held in public museums and private collections, most notably in Greece, France, Belgium, and Germany • For more detailed information:

-Nikos Harizanos (Athens) studied Music Theory in Athens and then acquired postgraduate degree in Composition (MMus) from the University of Manchester. He is a doctoral candidate at the University of Bangor in Wales. His works have been performed by numerous ensembles and soloists in USA, Australia, Russia, Korea, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Albania, Serbia, Cyprus, Greece and have won awards at international, European and national competitions. He has also composed music for theater in Greece and England. His works have been presented by the Greek Radio and Television, the Spanish Television,the National Radio of Portugal and by private channels in the United States, Czech Republic, Poland and Colombia. He is the General Secretary of the Centre for Contemporary Music Research (CCMR) which was founded by Iannis Xenakis, a member of the Greek Composers Union (GCU), the Greek Composers Association Electro-Acoustic Music (HELMCA) and SONUS (Canada).
His works circulated by musicians publishers Schott (Germany), Musica Ferrum (Greece), Da Capo Music Ltd (England), Les Productionsnd ‘Oz (Canada), Arcomis (England), Gold Branch Music Inc. (USA), and Centre for Contemporary Music Research (CCMR) (Greece). His name is included in Who Is Who Encyclopedia (ed. 2006).

-Marinos Koutsomichalis (Athens, 1981) is an artist and researcher. Via sound and a wide range of other media he interrogates the specifics of perception, technology and material. His work has been widely presented internationally in museums, galleries, festivals, music halls, academies, industrial sites, churches, research institutions, conferences, underground venues, scientific journals, independent music labels, and elsewhere.

His academic career includes a research fellowship in the University of Turin, a lectureship at the faculty of Music Technology and Acoustics of the Technical University of Crete, and leading Contemporary Music Research Center’s (CMRC-KSYME) course in Electronic Music and Sound Synthesis for several years. He has being responsible for numerous publications in scientific journals/conferences, for numerous workshops/talks worldwide and for writing the Mapping and Visualization with SuperCollider book. He is a PhD candidate in Music, Sound and Media Art at the De Montfort University and he also holds a MA by research in composition with digital media from the University of York.

-Nicoleta Chatzopoulou ​(Thessaloniki, 1976) studied classical guitar from 1984 -1993. In 1994 she was admitted at Cardiff University of Wales to study Astrophysics (Bsc in Astrophysics, 1997). Upon returning to Greece she decided to continue studies in music (harmony, counterpoint, piano), started learning the viola da gamba and took her first lessons in composition. She moved to the Netherlands in 2003 to pursue a study in composition and viola da gamba at the Koninklijk Conservatorium in the Hague (Bachelor and Master of Music in composition). There, she also followed a course in Sonology in 2006. She was a singer and multi – instrumentalist in the group This Fluid (1997-2001). Her discography icludes the Spiral EP (Hitch-Hyke records, 1999) and Lips like poppy (Hitch-Hyke records,2000). She has taken part in numerous early music concerts as a viola da gamba player and has collaborated with various ensembles in Greece and abroad. Her compositions include works for voice, chamber orchestra and for various instrument combinations. Upon commission by Korzo theater she composed 3 operas :

The Scream (2005), direction : Olivier Provily, libretto : Ν. Χατζοπούλου,
Clara S. (2007), text : Elfriede Jelinek, direction : Lotte de Beer, libretto : Joris van der Meer,
Are you our daughter (2008), text : William Shakespeare (King Lear), direction: Lotte de Beer, libretto : Joris van der Meer.
She has collaborated with ensembles as : the Nederlands Vocaal Laboratorium, Modelo 62, Nieuw Ensemble etc. as well as with the Leipzig Opera house for her work Clara S. and has participated in festivals such as : Bebersee festival, Dag in de Branding, Opera Dagen Rotterdam 2009 και Gaudeamus International Music week. Her music has been performed in Greece, Germany, the Netherlands and Lithuania.

-Nota Tsekoura (Athens, 1983), Architect Engineer. Nota’s main focus lies on digital fabrication and the intersections between sound art and architecture. Her practice explores design techniques and methodologies that promote critical thinking towards emerging practices of interdisciplinary production, that involve new technologies.

She holds a Masters degree in Advanced Architecture from UPC | IAAC Barcelona Spain, focusing on architecture and urbanism, ranging from large-scale environments to digital fabrication. She is a graduate of the University of Patras with a 5-year degree in Architecture . She is a registered architect at the Technical Chamber of Greece. Among others, her education includes arts and theatrical studies. She is the founder, director of the independent Centre for Research Space Under and of Sound Tectonics international workshops on architecture and sound art. She leads the research department of the S.U.Center and teaches in several workshops. She has written a number of articles and have conducted interviews with international state of the art Architects and Artists.

Nota was the academic coordinator of the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia [IAAC] for international Masters programs. As an architect at different architectural and award winning offices, she has worked in medium and large scale projects and proposals around the world. She was one of the two designers and developers for the design of the exhibition “Fully Print3d. Printing objects” at Dhub Barcelona, one of the first exhibitions on 3d printing in 2010. Nota has participated in different international exhibitions among others at the Spanish pavilion | academic lab of the Venice Biennale 2012 “Common Grounds”.